Play with Your Food!

Do you like to play with your food? The North Dakota State Fair welcomes and encourages it on July 21 at 1pm, the first Saturday of the Fair.  Join others as they creatively scoop, carve, color and create fresh produce into works of art in the 4-H Hall.

The contest is open to adults ages 15 and up to enter individually to create a masterpiece out of their choice of fruit and vegetable.  Whether it be an outrageous orange, simple squash or wacky watermelon, come on out and show your skills. Participants will be required to bring their own fruit or vegetable, carving utensils and way to display the item (self-standing is welcome).

The Fruit & Vegetable Carving Contest is at 1pm on Saturday, July 1 and will be held in the Mezzanine of 4-H Hall. Register online by July 18 – the event is limited to 10 contestants.  Find registration at

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