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The North Dakota State Fair staff can’t wait to kick off the Fair on Friday, July 20 and even though we will be sad to see the Great.Big.Fun come to an end on July 28, we will be having a blast rocking out to Foreigner on the final day.

On Saturday, July 28, at 8pm you will find Foreigner jamming out on the North Dakota State Fair Grandstand to classic favorites such as Jukebox Hero, It Feels Like the First Time and Double Vision. Tickets are a steal of a  deal at just $25 or only $15 if purchased with your Kid Rock ticket.  All tickets for the event are general admission. Purchase your tickets online (, by calling 701-857-7620 or at the North Dakota State Fair Center office.

If you haven’t purchased your ticket yet, it’s your lucky day, because the North Dakota State Fair is giving you a chance to score a pair for free! It’s easy, simply log on to our Facebook or Twitter page and share your must-play Jukebox song, in honor of Foreigner’s hit song, Jukebox Hero. Hurry, the winner will be drawn this Friday at noon.

Stay in the loop on future Great. Big. Fun. giveaways by logging on
to and Each Wednesday we’ll post a new way to score a Great. Big. Fun. Giveaway. And we will see YOU at the 2012 North Dakota State Fair!


  1. been state fair every year since 1981, would love rock out to foreigner

  2. HOT BLOODED!!!!!! Has to be my favorite. It takes me back to high school and my first Love!

  3. Favorite song…Luanne! I used to rock this song with my friends when in high school. They hated me as I would play this song over and over again. They would actually hide my cassette tape (Yes they rocked on cassette as well!) so I couldn’t play the song. I have many memories with friends and family and Jukebox Hero was the best guitar rocking song at the time. I also love Don’t Let Go and Don’t Break it up. Brings back the memories the music we play for all our loves of our life. 🙂

  4. Would love to win tickets, brings back some good memories. Also would like to get them for my husband and brother.

  5. “Waiting for a Girl Likr You” sends me back to when I met a pilot in the Phililppines, we fell in love and it was short lived, he died in a plane crash. I use to listen to Foreigner all the time after that as they became my all time favorite because they were surely his favorite.

  6. Feels Like the First Time would have to be my favorite. I have enjoyed many hours listening to the band, and will look forward to seeing them live in North Dakota!

  7. Foreigner is one of my all time favorite bands.
    Feels like the first and Hot Blooded ahhhh those
    were the good old days! Would be awesome to
    win tickets.

  8. Ohhhhh I love them!!! I just moved to ND and it be awesome to enjoy my first ND state fair seeing them!!!!

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