Clownin’ Around with the State Parade

The State Parade will be taking place this year on July 21, 2012 and State Parade chairman Jim Clifford is ecstatic to be continuing with the  same theme planned for last year ‘Clownin’ Around.’ “It’s wonderful that we can still get Ken ‘Dizzy the Clown’ Gillespie as our Grand Marsha. He is an international recognized entertainer and a great addition to the Fair and parade.”

Clifford said the parade will continue to be held on Saturday morning, setting off from Broadway and down Burdick to the Fairgrounds.  Fliers are sent out in mid-April and the chairman has reported numerous calls and inquiries from those who would like to be included. To request an entry form contact 701-838-0104 or download a form here

Of course the parade will include a variety of floats and the expected horse.  However, one change in this year’s parade is the second unit, a special veterans’ section. “We have invited all state military units,” Clifford said, “including the DAV, VFW and American Legion groups. We want to honor them.”

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