Minot Rising / BEP T-Shirts!

We just caught a first glimpse of the brand new t-shirts for the Black Eyed Peas / Minot Rising event and we LOVE them! Designed by TokiDoki, there are both men’s and women’s styles and they come in either black or white. The shirts feature a whole lot of Minot on them, you can spot the Ramstad rocket, a Magi, the big M and even flood clean-up helpers! You can buy the shirts online at www.Minotrising.com or any of the other ticket sales outlets¬†in Minot. You’ll receive a ticket for the shirt which you’ll then bring to either the concert or the Minot CVB during the week of August 29th. At only $20 each the shirts are a steal, so get yours today!

Men's Minot Rising / Black Eyed Peas Tee by TokiDoki

Women’s Black Eyed Peas / Minot Rising Tee by TokiDoki


Don’t forget to get your Black Eyed Peas concert tickets before its too late! Buy them online at www.minotrising.com or in person at the Dakota Square Mall ticketing kiosk in the Herberger’s Court, at the Minot Air Force Base Outdoor Rec office, at the Marketplace Foods Dakota Square location or at ¬†Marketplace Foods on 20th Ave.


  1. i live in san diego ca but i’m from mandan 1950-1969 and i can’t go to the concert but i would like to buy one women’s xlarge t-shirt black and have it mailed to me i’ll pay postage and/or shipping. i would also like to puchase two tickets to be given to someone who can’t afford to go. so if there is a phone # where i can do that please e-mail me or call me at 619-644-0197 thank you steve koch

  2. I was at the concert and wasn’t able to purchase a tee-shirt but I am interested in doing so. I would like a women’s medium in black if at all possible. Thank you.

  3. I was not able to attend the BEP concert but would love to buy a t shirt from the concert to support the cause. How does that work? Every site I have found does not have a link to simply purchase a shirt online. Would appreciate some info if it is still possible to get shirts. Thanks

  4. I want a shirt too! Womens XL Black, but now that the concert is over I can’t find a place to order one from minotrising.com or anywhere. Where can I find one?

  5. I am from Minot and I would like to buy a t shirt but I cant seem to find out where. My sister was one of the flood victims and I was up there in july it was so depressing.

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