2011 North Dakota State Fair Cancelled

Recent Rains and Revised Flood Forecast Forces Cancellation

MINOT, ND – The North Dakota State Fair Board decided in an emergency meeting Saturday afternoon to cancel the 2011 North Dakota State Fair due to the continuing Mouse (Souris) River flood situation.

Fair and city officials reviewed the revised hydrograph from the National Weather Service, which has now forecasted slower than expected receding flood waters of the Mouse River.
Friday’s significant rain event compounded the city’s ongoing flood flight also causing water to not recede as expected.

“Our situation has changed dramatically since just two weeks ago when we initially reviewed the National Weather Service hydrograph,” says Renae Korslien, State Fair manager. “When we were working with the earlier charts, we were certain we could hold a State Fair. But with our already tight timeline, the revised forecast and Friday’s downpour now make that an impossibility.”

“We did everything we could to make this year’s Fair a reality. Sadly, the circumstances have changed. We are left with no choice,” adds Korslien.

Water remains on the State Fairgrounds. However, Korslien reports that the State Fair Center and the new Fair Grandstand remain dry. Fair employees have been working around the clock to protect these facilities throughout the flood. State Fair staff will now focus on getting the facilities ready for Motor Magic, Norsk Hostfest, Y’s Men’s Rodeo, and other community events.

Tickets purchased using a credit card will be automatically refunded back to that account. It is not necessary to contact the Fair if a credit card was used for the purchase. Those ticket holders can expect to see a credit by July 31. Individuals who purchased tickets with cash will need to contact the North Dakota State Fair office at 701-857-7620 or email ndsf@minot.com. The Fair office will contact individuals with camping reservations by July 31.

“We want to thank Minot city officials, our fellow North Dakotans from every corner of our state, and the Minot residents for their support in these recent weeks. We were truly touched by the outpouring of support earlier last month when we announced our decision to proceed with the State Fair,” says Korslien. “It just reminds us all of what makes this state and city so special and it makes all of us in the State Fair family even more determined to make next year’s Fair even greater.”

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  1. have u beeen thinking on putting on thair after the flood waters that have done way or anything like that and sorry to here that the fair is not coming to town this yr and hope fully the addmission is not going to be very high i think it should be lower next yr so we all can have a great time and make the parade a long one

  2. Still coming out from Seattle! Spend our money, see our Family and help out…next year will Rock!

  3. I’m sure it was a tough decision to make the call to cancel the fair but it’s just not realistic at this point. May I suggest that you attempt to re-sign the same acts for next year that just got cancelled?

  4. Way to keep up the fight but mother nature is stronger than us~ My thoughts are with all of you at the NDSF

  5. Sorry.We have been coming for over 30 years.Hope Hostfest will be able to go on.Since before anyone knew who Garth Brooks was.And what a show He put on in “81

  6. My heart goes out to all of Minot and the area. A difficult, but necessary, decision to make for the board. Thank you for all you have done and do. We look forward to seeing you all next year.

  7. Sorry to hear!! We have decided to still come for they days we had booked and support the city anyway we can!! We will be back next year for sure!!!

  8. This will be my first visit to Minot and was excited about the Fair, but it is understandable what had to be done. Hopefully I will be able to make it back again and enjoy it at another time!!!!! Good luck to you all and I will still be there to visit for my 2 weeks as planned!

  9. I am super sad to hear this. Hope we can make it out next year to see it. Hope the bands come next year that was suppose to come this year.

  10. I am so sad that it had to be cancelled but totally understand why. Please try to get the same concerts next year. That is our family’s time to be together and enjoy. Look forward already for next year!

  11. Very Sad, exspecially for all of us 4H kids state fair is like the highlight of our summer! But that just makes us more excited for next year the fair will be even better!

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