ND has a New Dairy Princess

Congratulations to Rachael Rott, the new North Dakota State Dairy Princess!

Rott is the 18-year-old daughter of Jim and Kimberlee Rott from Anamoose, N.D. She was one of five young women vying for the opportunity to represent the state’s dairy farmers during public appearances throughout the year. Candidates were judged on general dairy knowledge and enthusiasm for the industry, communications skills and ability to share their passion for dairy with consumer audiences.

The Midwest Dairy Association sponsors the princess program. Rott’s dairy princess title comes with a scholarship from the Friends of Dairymen and the North Dakota Milk Producers Association. She was also the winner of a scholarship from Midwest Dairy Association North Dakota Division, chosen separately from among all five contestants. Throughout the year, the North Dakota Dairy Princess assists with promotion of dairy products, particularly with young children, and on-farm events.  The Dairy Princess program is sponsored by Midwest Dairy Association.

Find Rachael, the 2011 ND Dairy Princess, and  the Midwest Dairy Association at the North Dakota State Fair, July 22 – 30! They will have a booth set up in the dairy barn with fun things to help educate people about the importance of dairy in your diet. Look outside the dairy barn and you will see the “Malt Wagon” set up, painted like a cow, where they will have treats like string cheese, ice cold milk, milk shakes and ice cream!  Also be sure to follow the Midwest Dairy Association on Twitter!

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