Talkin’ About Miss Rodeo

We are searching for the 2012 Miss Rodeo North Dakota State Fair!  At our 11th annual competition, ladies between the ages of 18 and 23 will be judged in horsemanship, modeling, speech and a personal interview to vie for the title of Miss Rodeo North Dakota State Fair 2012. We decided the best way for you to find out what Miss Rodeo is all about, was to interview Miss Rodeo 2011 herself, Tasha Gruhot.

NDSF: What kinds of events have you participated in while you have been Miss Rodeo? Has it opened up any opportunities that you might not otherwise have had?

Miss Rodeo: As Miss Rodeo ND State Fair 2011 I have attended the ND Minot Y’s Mens Rodeo and ND Winter Show. I will also be attending the Mandan PRCA rodeo and some local amateur rodeos this summer. In addition to carrying sponsor flags at ND rodeos and at my Colorado State University rodeo, I visit with, and sign autographs for children attending the rodeo. One of the opportunities I get from being Miss Rodeo NDSF is to compete for for the title of Miss Rodeo ND in October. As MRNDSF I have had the privilege to many meet new people and show off the sport of rodeo that I love.

NDSF: What has been the best part of being Miss Rodeo 2011?

Miss Rodeo: As MRNDSF I am fortunate to be in a position where I can represent the sport of rodeo which is a huge part of my life and always will be. As a rodeo queen I believe people are more apt to approach you and ask questions versus a cowboy that is more “behind the scenes” and not as available to the rodeo audience. I value the opportunity to explain the sport of rodeo and promote it in various aspects.

NDSF: What does Miss Rodeo represent to you?

Miss Rodeo: As a little girl I attended rodeos and always looked up to the rodeo queens. I feel very fortunate to now have the oppportunity to act as a role model to North Dakota youth and promote the sport of rodeo. To me, the title of Miss Rodeo represents pride, horsemanship, committment, and the promotion of rodeo.

NDSF: Why would you encourage girls to participate in the pageant?

Miss Rodeo: MRNDSF has been an amazing experience that I will always remember. Competing for the title teaches you many valuable life skills, such as public speaking, poise, confidence, and interpersonal skills. If rodeo is something you are truly passionate about, competing for a rodeo queen title is a rewarding endeavor. As a rodeo queen you get to experience another side of rodeo that you normally wouldn’t as a competitor. I have been fortunate enough to be a member of the CSU rodeo team as a barrel racer for the past two years and now as the 2011 NDSFR queen. Both have been valuable experiences but what I have found to be truly rewarding as a rodeo queen is the opportunity to attend many different rodeos, advertise for local businesses by carrying sponsor flags, sign autographs, meet people, and establish valuable networks within the rodeo community.

If you are interested in competing to become Miss Rodeo 2012, fill out the registration form or contact Dana at 701-290-1574, or for more information.

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