Brand New Fruit and Vegetable Carving Contest

Do you like to play with your food?  The North Dakota State Fair welcomes and encourages it on  July 23 at 1 pm, the first Saturday of the fair.  Join others as they creatively scoop, carve, color and create fresh produce into works of art in the 4-H Hall.

For those 12 and under, participants are asked to dig  into their imagination and turn fruit into a human, car, animal, alien or anything else they can imagine with the help of markers, stickers and their creativity.

Those 12 and up are invited to take part in the Adult Carving Contest in one or two person teams.  Teams are given one hour, utensils and toothpicks in order to transform the produce given to them in their mystery grocery bag into a work of art.  The main requirement is that each piece of produce used should be scraped, skewered or carved.

The Fruit & Vegetable Carving Contest is at 1 pm on Saturday, July 23 in the 4-H Hall.  Register online before the Fair or add it to your daily schedule  and come that day. Check out the North Dakota State Fair on our website or on Facebook.


  1. Hello,
    My name is Jessica Foote and i go to the Nottingham Bluecoat Academy, i am doing an ICT GCSE and i am on the last topic of the course and my next project is to do a challenge card ad i have decided to do a challenge encouraging young people to eat healthy food. I was scanning down google images for creative fruit and vegetable shapes and i must say your image of the apple swan carving looked the most appealing. Could i have your permission to use the image? without permission off someone i cannot use this image and I wouldn’t dream of ripping an image of your website without permission.i would be so grateful for this if you were to allow me to use your image. I really think i could make my challenge card look excellent with this picture. If you are able to email me back as soon as possible please
    Thank you

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