Agriculture is Growing at the ND State Fair

We are very excited to announce the creation of two new agriculture focused projects at the ND State Fair: The ND Ag Experience and the Careers and Technology in Agriculture Fair.  The North Dakota State Fair hosts more than 300,000 fairgoers and is a perfect venue for educating these individuals on the role that North Dakota agriculture plays in the global economy.  It’s also important for us to educate our youth on the many career opportunities that exist in agriculture. We have every aspect of agriculture represented at our Fair already, now it’s time to put it to work!

We will be launching the ND Ag Experience at the 2011 State Fair. The ND Ag Experience will feature more than 10 exhibits located throughout the Fairgrounds.  We want to make these exhibits personal by showing Fairgoers who the farmers are and the vital role they play in contributing to the global economy.  Signage will feature different stories, statistics and information on our crops, livestock and the farm and ranchers who make it all possible. With your help, we want to tell the story of the ND farmer and rancher. In order to make this project as successful as possible the State Fair will:

– Provide a $500 cash prize to be given away in a drawing for those who completed the Ag Experience tour and answered the survey.

– Create a brochure & map to be used as a guide for this exhibit and publicize the event in a press release, in the tabloid inserted into daily newspapers statewide and on our website.

– Partner with 4-H to do a free geo-caching scavenger hunt that will include the different exhibit locations on the tour. (Saturday, Sunday and Monday of the Fair).

– Paint animal foot prints to create a path/trail to each of the stops on the tour.

– Utilize our major forms of advertising including one radio ad to highlight this new event.

– Promote the event to our more than 13,000 Facebook followers, 50,000 e-newsletter recipients, 900 Twitter followers and on our blog.

Current ND Ag Experience Tour Stops (Confirmed Sponsors)

1. John Deere (to be located in Machinery Row) – Gooseneck Implement

2. Titan Equipment (to be located in Machinery Row) – Titan Machinery

3. Farm Friendly Petting Zoo – Grand International

4. Dairy Cows & Malt Wagon (to be in front of the Dairy Barn)- Midwest Dairy Association

5. Beef (to be in front of the Expo Barn) – Cenex of New Town

6. Pork (to be in front of the Expo Barn) – ND Pork Council

7. Farm & Ranch Equipment – Pahlke Pipe & Rod

8. Different types of crops (at the Crop Plot) – Northern Plains Potato Growers Assoc. / ND Soybean Council

9. How crops are harvested (at the Crop Plot) – Enerbase / Versatile

The Careers and Technology in Agriculture Fair is scheduled for Sunday, July 24 in the festival tent located in the heart of the Fair.

This event will be held to encourage young adults to choose a career in agriculture related business as well as educate both kids and adults on the advances in agriculture technology.  A successful booth will excite attendees with stimulating, hands-on displays that will highlight the different types of career opportunities and emphasize the growth of technology in agriculture.

If you are interested in being involved in the Ag Experience and/or Career and Technology in Agriculture Fair, please contact Jennifer Ashley at 701-857-7620 or

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