2011 Stinky Arm Pit Contest?

Last week the North Dakota State Fair was looking for your opinion as to what new events or crazy contests we should have at the Fair this summer. First we asked our Fans on the Fair’s facebook page and we got lots of suggestions including Minute to Win It games, a Stinkiest Arm Pit contest, Fear Factor food eating and even a belching contest! We took a few of those suggestions and put them into a survey which was open for anyone to answer. We had close to 150 respondents and the top two answers from each survey question were (drum roll please)…..

1. What new contests and events should we have at the Fair?

Minute to Win It and a Redneck Relay Race

2. What new Competitive Exhibits should be at the Fair?

Duct Tape Art Creation and Recycled Art Projects

3.  What type of live Open Class Competitive Exhibit should be at the Fair?

Timed Lego Building and Vegetable Carving / Sculptures

4. Should we bring back the Amateur Cake Decorating Contest?


We were a little sad to see Stinky Arm Pit contest didn’t make it to the top two, but we probably would have had a hard time finding judges for that one! Thanks to everyone who made suggestions and took the survey. We drew one name from the survey respondents to win a 2011 NDSF Water Bottle and Kelsie G. from Bottineau was our winner!

Well now we have our work cut out for us so it’s back to the grind. But we’ll be sure to post information on all of the special events and competitions at the Fair as it becomes available. As always keep posting your comments and suggestions on our Facebook Page!

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