What new events and contests should we do in 2011?

2010 Cloverdale Hot Dog Eating Contest

The North Dakota State Fair has become known for the new and crazy contests it hosts each year. Past favorites have included the Text Messaging Contest (with a $1,000 pay out), the Odor Eaters Rotten Sneaker Contest, Greased Pig Contest, Cloverdale Hot Dog Eating Contest and so many more! ‘Tis the season for planning for 2011 and we’re ready to bring in some new contests and events.

Yesterday on Facebook we asked you what new events or contests you’d like to see at the 2011 North Dakota State Fair. We had more than 27 comments suggesting different events at the Fair.  Contests ranged from Minute to Win It events to a Stinky Arm Pit contest (we might have a hard time finding judges for that one!).  We are always big fans of taking suggestions from our Fairgoers so we figured the only logical thing to do was to throw some of those suggestions into a survey and let you guys decide what we should have in 2011. So here it is – Take our Survey Monkey Survey here and let us know what you want at your North Dakota State Fair! And in true North Dakota State Fair fashion we’ll give away a few prizes, drawing from those who completed the survey. We’ve also promised to give a prize package to whomever suggests an event (either on our Facebook page or through the survey) that we end up using at the 2011 North Dakota State Fair! So give it a shot, suggest some events and you just might win big!


  1. Hello,
    I work for NBC’s Minute To Win It. I saw you mentioned Minute To Win It games when talking about your fair. Will there be any videos taken of the games being played? I’d love to get in touch with whoever is in charge of media for the event. We’re always looking for fan clips of our games to use in commercial packages. If interested please contact me at Melissakmorkus@gmail.com.


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