Diaper Derby Crawler

Little crawlers met today at the SRT State Fair Park to compete in the 1st Annual Diaper Derby. The babies were rearin’ to go and could hardly keep their little hands behind the start line, but once the race started, not all crawlers were so interested in crawling across the big white race┬átrack. Parents and spectators cheered and laughed as these little ones steered off track, crossing lanes and turning back to the start line. Despite the confusion of some racers, Owen Casey, Brooke Berger, and Noah Durham, all of Minot, were the most┬ádetermined crawlers, finishing 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the final heat. The top two winners of each heat received an “I heart NDSF” bib, and Owen went home with a $100 Savings Bond to Town and Country Credit Union.


  1. Iam having a baby girl and am planning to name her Jesierre Leigh Anne. She is going to be in this next year. She has 3 older brothers named Rodrick (4 yrs) and Devon (2 1/2 yrs), and Rodreegus (9 1/2 months ). I am going to have her in two months. Rodreegus was going to be in the Diaper Derby , but I was having back pains. Hope to be in the competitoin next year. GO MYETSON BABIES!!!

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